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04-24-2013, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
My only concern will be PvP due to the fact the Romulans can join the Federation side. But considering PvP is just a small minority it won't affect a lot of players I think.

I was reading in the Zone chat on Tribble yesterday and all but one person said they will be joining the KDF with their Romulans. The only one who said he would go Fed is because of his fleet. I kindly reminded him there are a lot of cool people on the KDF side and they would welcome any new players with open arms.
I remember that someone and I dont remember who, was asking in sector space if you would go fed or romulan and I responded Fed to you but that doesnt mean that I cant also make a KDF Romulan and hit you up on that as well. My Fleet is Fed But its not just a Fleet its my Gaming community which is Multi game and we all have fun together even though we are a very small fleet. If I want some other looks at things Ill hit you up later on a KDFRom. I have a KDF character but hes not as good as i dont do on my first character.

As for PvP Im looking at building my Romulan for PvP from the start instead of making a character for Just playing the game and then look back later at the pvp. Its interesting and would like to try it but I need a new character and build it completely different from how my characters are now as it will require a completely different way of playing.

Before they even announced that the Romulans would have battle cloak on all their ships and all would have the ability to mount Cannons, I was already saying they would probably all have Battle cloak because of who they are and that they would probably have cannons as I can remember seeing even a D'Deridex firing cannons in the shows iirc. But I look forward to going both ways of play and getting into PvP.

If you want to look at it another way the Klingon Players have something to tech the people that go Romulan Fed about how to use the cloaking in combat and how not to because you have more experience with it.

I do like the fact that you went out to gather some data because its always a nice thing. Romulans will change the game a great deal but its how we as players react to the changes that make the game and its atmosphere.