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04-24-2013, 10:02 AM
Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post
Hey Fish, the next big hit from you

Wonderfull chart.

May I suggest a few things?

- Background is pretty dark. Maybe bright elements (like SpiderMitch's beam effect) could lighten up a little.

- Have you thought of doing the chart from left (Starter ships) to right (End/Fleet Ships)? Using the common reading order, it would be nicer to navigate.

- I can't open the chart with Firefox or the standard Microsoft Picture Viewer. Both programs say the file is broken.

By the way, when do we see your next vid?
Thanks Manfred.

The background is dark on purpose. When I began this chart back last year I could see we were heading in the direction of lots more ships, so I wanted to create something that could be easily cut and pasted. Each frame and each block are modular. It makes for a plain design, but it's super easy for me to keep it updated, or expand it if I need to (and I suspect I will need to for some time to come). I only have Microsoft Word and MS Paint, if I ever get something more professional, I might be able to do more with it. Keeping it easy to update though means that I am more likely to do so, and not get burn out or fed up with it.

I tested opening it with Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer and in Windows Photo Viewer. You can't open it with Paint anymore as it's so big now, it claims it is an invalid file. It could be that your Microsoft Picture Viewer is having that same issue. Out of interest, what have you managed to open it in?

The vids are taking a rest I'm afraid. I will resume making those later in the year, and have lots of ideas, but I want to do the charts and maybe a tutorial or two first. But next week (I think) will be a short tutorial video with the fleet KDF chart which some people might find useful. I also want to make a tutorial video on the basics of using Demo Record (or how I use it at least), so people can take epic screenshots or make their own videos.

With regards of the right to left, I changed it to the style it's in now to make it different to the charts that already exist from Spidermitch and Suricata, but that's not to say that I won't change it again at some point if the mood ever takes me.

Originally Posted by philosophere View Post
Very nice work Starfish!

Agree with a previous poster that this should be stickied.

I'll bet there is more work in this than in most foundry projects. Shame we can't tip you with some dilithium!
Thank you, you are very kind. No dilithium is necessary though, just knowing that people find the chart useful is more than enough of a reward for the effort of making it.

And thanks for the comment Artan42. Very much appreciated.

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