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Hey guys, since your all stoked about the exp etc i am wondering if you can give a returning lifetimer a few links to website where i can catch up on whats been added/ maybe a few youtubes explaining new stuff well.
the last time i seriously played was, oh, erm...shoot when was it !! probably when the borg sector portal was placed on the map.

i must admit ive dabled infrequently since then but got overwhelmed by the changes, SFcommand on earth, even crew get sent on missions and i remember player mission were just implemented when i stopped so i guess ive got ALOT of learning to do.

Some good constuctive advice for learning would be much appreaciated from you expert captains out there!

kind regards
Captain Corcoran
of the USS Pinafore.

BTW, sorry i posted here but it seems PW dont trust me to make my own thread ;-s I chose this topic cause you guys are looking foreward to new STO stuff, appologies for the intrusion...

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