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04-24-2013, 11:47 AM
Not deaf... just a little distracted with the new shinies.

I find it amusing that ALL Romulan ships apparently have battle cloak. And I really wonder why all KDF ships don't have battle cloak, and why ALL birds of prey don't have the advanced battle cloak.

I'm guessing play balance.. but then I'm an old hard core gronyard of a gamer.

The enemy has not intention of giving you a fair fight anyway, so whats with the concern over if a ship has a cloak? Or what type?

As A KDF player I almost never cloak any more other then to set up for a de cloak alpha... and I don't even bother against AI simply because the way the combat system works, yep, its pretty much suicide, so I don't bother cloaking in PvE unless its some sort of mission requirement.
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