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04-24-2013, 11:53 AM
I know ya'll are rather worried about this, but while there is going to be a shorter time on this BC for Romulan ships due to that bonus...

It might not be as bad as people are thinking I feel. Because while BC can be used in the middle of the fray, using it isn't necessarily a good idea.

Plus, even with a shorter cooldown, it's not like they become immune to anti-cloaking tech or anything. If you count to about 10-12 seconds, then hit them with a Tractor Beam, they aren't gonna be able to cloak. Yes yes, they can use APO and PH, but even with those, it'll still slow and delay the cloaking.

You can also disable their aux power in various ways, or totally disable their ship. If they do decide to cloak in the middle of combat, then immediately try and hit them with an anti-cloaking ability like tractor, CPB, Antiproton Sweep, etc.

They might be able to cloak more often, but there's still all the same ways to prevent and de-cloak someone.

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