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04-24-2013, 02:02 PM
Just because it's Linux doesn't mean much - there are linux builds for almost every CPU you can imagine, but programs aren't automatically compatible with all of them.

Issue is Wine isn't a full fledged emulator, only an API. It still requires a native x86 environment to run on. The name is a recursive acronym for "Wine is not an emulator." Winelib does exist for ARM, but it's extremely limited on what can and can't run since most binaries require an x86 environment - you can run Minesweeper (as long as it's not the Windows XP or newer versions), and most things you'd compile in Visual Basic, but other programs need to be compiled to run with Winelib on ARM.

Those Windows XP installs require an x86 emulator, which destroys performance pretty bad - you're basically getting about 10-25% of the equivalent processor power into the copy of Windows you're emulating. That's enough to run Windows 95 pretty well, but Windows XP just barely limps along, the emulated CPU doesn't technically meet XP's minimum CPU requirement.

There is a Windows 8 RT build that runs on ARM processors, and you can load it into some very high end android tablets if you get your hands on it or pay too much for a Surface tablet (not Surface Pro, which is full fledged Windows 8 with an x86 processor), but it can only run Windows executables compiled for ARM environments, so again, x86 locks you out.

Surface Pro, like I said, full Windows 8 and a compatible processor. There's been persistent rumors of an x86 Ubuntu tablet for the last few months, and if it ever materializes Wine on that will be an option.

tl;dr: Wine's not feasible for the next decade easily, but Surface Pro is an option.

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