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04-24-2013, 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
I know that the emphisis is on the Romulans et al, but we KDF players have been waiting since before game launch. Remember, back when everyone was setting unreachable goals that could not be achived by release date? AH those heady days of pre release development when one day some one turns around and relaized..

You realize there are those of us Romulan fans that have been waiting since before launch too, right? And you have had three years of at least some form of Klingon play, whereas, speaking only for myself, have only ever been able to play an "alien" that *looks* like a Romulan (or as close to one can come without the proper textures, and art.)

My original forum name was Galan Vaurek... That's a Romulan name, that I registered for THIS site, back when it was just a timer on the Champions Online page. Do you remember the countdown timer?

I *do* hear your frustration... but please, be mindful that for some of us, we've had to wait longer for *anything* ....

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