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04-24-2013, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
you do realize that the only major compliant we (the pvp community) had about tricobalt mines were when you used a dispersal pattern and they all crit'd because of the old "one crit they all crit" game feature.

when they annoucnced that tric mines/torps would be reduced in damage and cooldown the pvp community was pissed.

look it up.

field generator console? thats the extra free shield console right? they "nerfed" it so they could then release new versions that had the same effect but where higher "gear" level. thats the same damn thing they did to science consoles way back in the day. the pvp community had no say on that, we've been complaining about sheild resists. not sheild strength.

energy siphion? i cant ever recall the community saying it was too powerful.

siphion drones... yes we said they were too powerful and you know what. they fracking were.

the tier 4 rep was a disaster, cryptic needs to come out and say "we screwed that one up". no one in this game NEEDED to have an extra 600-1000 shield regen every second for no reason.

i saved the shockwave for last because you know what, frack you. the pvp community (mainly us science guys) were pissed that cryptic reduced shockwave 3s damage for no reason. yeah, it was out of wack, we pointed that out. we asked the other 2 shockwaves have their damage increased as a result... guess what cryptic did... they REDUCED the damage of 3 making it all but useless.

actually read the forums, actually take part in what the pvp community is asking for before you come here and accuse uf of actually having any say in this fracking game.

Good day sir.
I like that, you basically just confirmed what i was saying in your rant. You just confirmed that at the very least yourself of the pvp community, was complaining about several issues that they did something about.

your complaints=cyptic nerf

im not complaining about the pvp part of it. im complaining about the whiners.