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Originally Posted by lordkundo View Post
I like that, you basically just confirmed what i was saying in your rant. You just confirmed that at the very least yourself of the pvp community, was complaining about several issues that they did something about.

your complaints=cyptic nerf

im not complaining about the pvp part of it. im complaining about the whiners.

More often than not the things I complain about get buffed.

Fyi, the Field Gen was changed to a stat based console which stacked when they did the skill changes (not a PvP thing at all). People (mainly PvEers) whined so they changed it back to % based, but let people keep equipping more than one. Eventually they got around to diminishing returns to encourage use of other Sci consoles. This had next to nothing to do w/PvP.

While the alpha is down, there is no net DPS loss w/tric torp changes. This basically means it's just as effective in term of dps in PvE (since most PvE NPCs have large HP buffers). It's less effective as a spike abilitiy in PvP, but it gains greater frequency of interrupts as a tradeoff (which benefits both PvE and PvP).

The rep system shield regen was broken and fixed.

The fleet shields were/are just poorly designed. Anything that's based off of accumulation of hits will be weak in PvE w/the the low NPC rate of fire and auto on in PvP w/the much higher rate of fire.

Not sure if you were around w/the original VM/SNBs/Ram Speed/Auto destruct, but lolz if they were put back in the game now.
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