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Originally Posted by kwiat007 View Post
GOOD options are in RED. BAD options are in GREEN. Killing terrorists and traitors is GOOD, trying to help them is BAD. Why are so many people confused by this mission? Don't you have a "moral compass"? What is wrong with you people???
Wow, don't know if troll, or just incredibly abrasive.

Besides, in the context of the mission, you don't even know if the people you are experimenting on are part of the Romulan Republic or not. They're just "people the Tal Shiar kidnapped". And even in TV Trek history, the Tal Shiar showed a willingness to kidnap and torture even law abiding citizens of the Empire if it suited their whims.
You could be man-handling anyone from someone slumming it on a far away farming colony, or a middle-class citizen of Rator III.

Anyways, in the context of this mission, Good Choices are most definitely coded to Green, while Bad Choices are likewise associated with Red.

It'd be neat if we got a Perk or a Title or even a new Passive depending on whatever combination or tally of choices we made during that part of the mission.
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