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04-24-2013, 06:08 PM
Yeah, I think the only thing that needs changing in this mission is the ground portion. I like collecting evidence against the Remans, but that whole part about trying to prevent a Praxis accident didn't really fit, in my opinion. And that shield around the base is visible on the mini-map, which makes it hard to navigate. Oh, and some explanation for why we found the truth so easily when the USS Voyager did not would be nice too.

Actually, I think for the Sithesh they should go the whole way. Make it a Scimitar Dreadnought (maybe a bit less powerful, though), and for the boss battle have it cloak every 20% (we can fight off T'Varos and Scorpions in between decloakings). That would make an awesome boss battle, especially if they could get the Nemesis battle music in there.