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04-24-2013, 07:27 PM
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I suppose it would be, but in the game, we are looking at space from a third person view, not from the ships' view-screens.
And? An ingame mechanic needs little explanation story wise. The game tends to treat you, the player as the ship. So logically you should be able to see anything the ship sees. Besides, throughout the show we saw that viewscreens were capable of displaying a third-person view of the ship. ("Galaxy's Child comes to mind)

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In addition, there seems no easier way to date something than to try to use cutting edge scientific discoveries. Going back and watching the original series is a painful experience because of how they integrated science into the show, like stopping to observe "quasars".
That's a problem how? You describe it as a painful experience, but science is very much a part of our history. Going back and looking at things like The Original Series, Buck Rodgers, Valerian, and other old Sci-Fi series shows what we thought back then, and how we viewed the world around us.

Fiction is the modern equivalent of Myths, Legends, and Oral Tradition. The stories a culture tells is a good indicator of what they believed in and respected. Who knows, maybe some day in the far flung future they'll be studying Game of Thrones and Star Trek alongside the Iliad, and the works of Shakespeare.

Including modern science in our fiction, shows our respect for the medium rather than our immature disregard. And besides, everyone throws realism out the door when it comes to science fiction. Including real stuff in our stuff would really set this game (and franchise) very far apart from the rest of it's peers.

Sci-Fi has been really starved of late, but realistic Sci-Fi in particular. To the point I can't even think of truly a Hard Sci-Fi film that came out in the mainstream within the past 10 years. I fail to see any downside to this.