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Originally Posted by marshalericdavid View Post
Common sense...
Let me tell you something about common sense, and enlightened self-interest while I'm at it. I'll make this real simple for you, just to make sure folks at home can follow along. Consider this an act of charity, since I really have nothing whatsoever to gain from it.

Common sense tells us that while someone really ought to learn the STF before they try it on elite, the poor sap about which you're talking did it anyway. And you're stuck with the consequences. That, by the way, is a part of the "tragedy of the commons" -- feel free to look it up, but it's irrelevant to this post or the topic at hand so I won't discuss it here.

Common sense also tells us it takes maybe a minute -- if someone is slow on the uptake -- to explain what goes on in a given STF and how to beat it.

Common sense also tells us that instead of spending that minute instructing this poor sap in what to do, you probably spent...what? 15-20 minutes minimum? waiting for this little problem to "sort itself out".

That's 15-20 minutes of your time, not his. Against the one it spends explaining the damn instance. Facially, right there, you've already cost yourself 14-19 minutes or your time, each time you've ran into this poor sap. How many other ESTF's could you have run in that time? One, two with a really good group?

Let's go with "one", since that's conservative. You did this, what, twice now? You cost yourself 2,000 dilithium, 200 marks, and 100-200K EC's because you didn't feel like taking a minute of your time to explain an ESTF to a random player. Moreover, since you didn't take that time you've put yourself up for further grief and lost time, dilithium, marks, and EC's if you run into this poor sap again in an ESTF...and everyone else who has to deal with it, but screw them since we're discussing you and your enlightened self-interest.

That's called "opportunity cost", you just frakked yourself pretty hardcore with it, and that's on your head. I can only urge you to read up on the subject more along with enlightened self-interest, at your earliest available opportunity.

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