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Originally Posted by beameddown View Post
Balance eh? go play Call of Duty if you want balance- or take your pick of game that has ZERO variety.

I have been playing MMO's since ULTIMA ONLINE back in 98' - and I have played about 90% of the MMO's that followed ---- NEVER have I read about such a resistance to change in a game before- period

guys, seriously, the past is GONE, let it gooooo

its time to embrace a more complex, more rich pvp experience- were the build matters, and the gear matters- VS in the past it was simply about skill (cause everyone had the same $hit)

Its time to go the way of the dinosaurs... or evolve.

(besides, who does't LOVE the look of a romulan warbird, comon, any fan of the TNG show loved that ships)
Not sure how the build wouldn't matter anymore. lol you still choose your weapons your gear... we simply don't have PvE set gear power creep turning the game over every month.

Hey its not my idea... it works in game from other devs with great success... this wouldn't be a MMO first. lol

Also what are you talking about with the warbird... all the Romulan ships / cstore ships / fleet ships ect would be welcomed in pvp... its the Omega/Borg/Maco/KHG consoles and other junk that would stick to borg cleaning duties. lol

Whatever there isn't much point in debating it... Cryptic isn't going to do anything major to PvP ever anyway... and all the serious pvp players will continue to pvp elsewhere.

In all seriousness... I don't suggest this for myself... I sit on my fat as% all day being paid to sit here... I have multiple toons that have every possible gear combo I can dream up... and if I don't have it I whip out 20-50mil EC out of my war chest and buy it....

However for example... last night after a typical Pug Stomp I PMed a bit with a new kid on the other team... I felt bad for him and bought him 15 million ec worth of gear and gave him some pointers. Frankly the gear wasn't really his issue... but I could tell talking to him... he was NOT going to keep pvping after getting his teeth kicked in a few nights in a row... it was easy to say my gear sucks I guess I better pve till I can gear up. Now he can focus on in fact learning to pvp in STO.

We need to remove road blocks to new players pvping with us.... Yes boot camps and the like do a great job of that... still I bet there are a ton of even those guys that will point to gear as the issue... we know its not. However when the high end gear takes over a month to grind IN PVE mind you... and the stats are as good as they are its no wonder newer players blame gear first.
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