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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Lobi Gear.
Lockbox Gear.
Fleet Ships.
C-Store Ships.
Dilithium bought gear (whether special item, Fleet, or reputation - folks couldn't convert Dil to Zen unless there are those looking to convert Zen to Dil).
Consider even EC items off the Exchange, eh? How do many folks generate EC? Either through selling items they can sell acquired through the avenues above or through selling Keys/FSMs.

You can complete ESTFs with whatever gear you obtained through running missions. You can do it in your RA ship. You can do it with whatever miscellaneous loot you picked up along the way and with mission rewards.

Take that ship into PvP.

Then look around at the other ships.

I've never understood Cryptic saying PvP doesn't generate revenue...unless it's a case that if the ship is even used for 0.00000001% PvE then it is not considered PvP revenue.
I agree I believe PvP players account for a huge amount of in game revenue... there is no way for Cryptic to honestly know if the person grinding there rep to 5 in PvE is doing it with a PvP build in mind or not.

Still I think we CAN leave lots of stuff turned on that makes them money in PvP

Fleet ships can stay of course
Lobi store ships
Cstore ships
Lockbox ships

All the ships make them a ton of money and they should all stay I am not saying we should all jump in 1 of 3 escorts and 1 of 3 cruisers ect. lol

DOFFS should stay to... I like the system... I don't think there is any issues with them in pvp.

Dilthium purchased gear... ya I can see people being annoyed at having to repurchase gear... however Cryptic doesn't really care about annoying use with stuff like that do they ? Honestly all they have to do is time it with a move to MK XIII gear lol... release MK XIII shields / engines and weapons... and make -p purple versions that cost both D and PvP merits.

They can set it up to make a wack ton of money...

What would need to be left out...

Low level consoles... and perhaps even ship consoles... allow the lockbox ships but not the consoles... I think that would be ok.

Disable fleet rep passives and skills... I think this is the biggest one... they are obviously going to keep adding more and more of this stuff... and frankly new players are screwed. Imagine 6 months from now with Rom/borg/Neuc/PvP/X ... that will be 5 reps... all with one month + grinds to get tier 4 for 2 Space passives each... thats 10 passive space abilities that new players will be down for over a month.... Can you imagine starting a new game and not being able to pvp in it for 1-2 months because you are just so far behind on your pve grind that you are not competitive. Its a bad joke... and all this rep stuff is going to kill the long term chances of any pvp resurgence in this game imo.
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