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04-24-2013, 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by sloniah View Post
... well... maybe I'm doing it wrong but damn is is fun.
I assure you, you're not. I love cruisers. True, they (mostly) don't have the maneuverability and forward firepower of escorts or the hilarious abilities of science ships, but they make up for it by being all-around BEASTS at everything else. I've got it set up so that each of my toons has at least one escort, one cruiser, and one science ship to swap between, and I have to say that the one I change ships most on is my Fed Engy, who mainly flies cruisers. What shall I do today? Tank like a boss in the Galaxy-R? Rip my enemies a new one in the Regent*? Be a fast-flying jack-of-all-trades in the Ambassador? Set up ambushes with the Dreadnought? Lead the charge in my Odyssey? Or maybe just zip around in my lucky Stargazer Retrofit? So many options, all of them awesome.

*Addendum: I am of the opinion even that if you get no other cruiser you should always get the Regent. That wide-angle torpedo is pretty much the ultimate conventional weapon for a cruiser captain. Put it on every ship, regardless of class, that you plan on using Quantums on.