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04-24-2013, 09:03 PM
Frankly the gear wasn't really his issue... but I could tell talking to him... he was NOT going to keep pvping after getting his teeth kicked in a few nights in a row... it was easy to say my gear sucks I guess I better pve till I can gear up. Now he can focus on in fact learning to pvp in STO.
here is something to take into account buddy, MOST and that is MOST players DO NOT LIKE TO LOSE---

thats is right, LOSE

they log on, they spent weeks building it, they spent alot of ec or dil, or lobi, or real work bucks to get it annnnnnnnnddddd they join a cue and lose.


what then?

how do you help those that see losing in a pvp match as "this sucks"?

really, thats what we are talking about here, those that cannot cheer on the challange of it all

those that can not face faliure and welcome it and learn from it

those that can not have a "fun time" even if they lose

HOW do you really build a GAME that makes everyone a winner?!?

comon, at some point and time you gotta let go those "types" of players, the guys that qq's half way through a match when victory was just at the edge of their grasp if they would only work together and THEN have have a VICTORY to REALLY remember!

I dont know about the rest of you, I LIVE AND PLAY for those matches, those we suck, we are losing, COME BACK KINGS!!! matchs, THATS why i still play, THATS why i spend time reading forums, THATS why i spend hours of grinding, THATS why i love the folks I fly with, THE COME BACK MATCHES, not the roll STOMP matches, thats 15-0, my god

I feel its just a difference in mentality of what it is to challange tactic vs another team- challegene,
Just because it is not a cookie cutter escort does not mean it should not be in the game.

Win or lose, in the end it does not reflect on who you are as a person, in the end it is how you treat others that really reflects who you are.