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04-24-2013, 09:08 PM
I hardly think putting everyone one on a mostly level playing field is making everyone a winner...
If you are saying you are going to loose more cause you don't have tet glider or borg heals ect well then perhaps your not as talanted as you believe. (I know thats not how you meant it)

Honestly I never understood the thinking of the "PvP elite" types that want to keep there PvP gear... or there long grind gear. Saying that we ground it out we deserve the advantage.

Heck the real pvper I know will go in with Mirror ships... or hell some of them even whip out the tier 4 and 3s... to give themselves a challange.

Having everyone = is fine with me... yes some of the PvE kids won't be able to tank me for 3 min with there fleet shield thats true... but I won't be able to tet glide em either... in any event everyone will have access to the same level of gear... which I think is needed.

You wouldn't let a 4 time World Boxing champ wear gloves that are 4 pounds heavier cause he earned em would you ?

Anyway bottom line I think we should be doing everything we can to get new players pvping and getting good at it... removing the appearance of and the truth of any gear divide is good for everyone as I see it.
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