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04-24-2013, 09:12 PM
Disable fleet rep passives and skills... I think this is the biggest one... they are obviously going to keep adding more and more of this stuff... and frankly new players are screwed. Imagine 6 months from now with Rom/borg/Neuc/PvP/X ... that will be 5 reps... all with one month + grinds to get tier 4 for 2 Space passives each... thats 10 passive space abilities that new players will be down for over a month.... Can you imagine starting a new game and not being able to pvp in it for 1-2 months because you are just so far behind on your pve grind that you are not competitive. Its a bad joke... and all this rep stuff is going to kill the long term chances of any pvp resurgence in this game imo.
I still see all the rep systems as optional

IF i was a new player to the game, I would blunder through trying to raise every thing at once,

BUT DO NOT FORGET- the master plan for cyptic is to "ADD" "CHANGE" "SOON" a new pvp system into the game that may add a form a gear ranked equipment/games won metric of somekind, can you imagine it? -- the end of roll stopping noobs, you are paird up against equally geared and win/lose players as yourself? can you imagine it as a new player?> going up against other players totally equal to your player skill in pvp? that would be perfect in my eyes