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04-24-2013, 09:23 PM
Originally Posted by kneelift View Post
I love laughing at all the arm chair starship designers criticizing this ship.

Hey, how many of you actually work in the design field in any capacity?

How many of you keyboard warriors actually work for a movie studio?

Didn't think so.

And you folks wonder why the word at large laughs at Trek fans.
I am a professional Graphic Designer, and have done work for both movies, and games. (One of the latter due out this fall) And I can tell you, that's not the most creative ship ever.

Originally Posted by eldarion79 View Post
However, I do like the Vengeance, it fits nicely into the new Universe. You forgot First Contact and Insurrection had massive enemy ships. I mean First Contact's massive enemy ship was in the opening scenes of the movie. The Voyage Home's Probe and The Search for Spock's Excelsior could also count as a massive enemy ship from the character's view.

Re-imagining Trek was the studio's idea, not Abrams, he just provided the details.
I don't mind massive enemy ships. I just find the Naradaprise kind of lazy.