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04-24-2013, 09:29 PM
Unavoidable fact is its an item-centric game. Cryptic sells items, they want to keep the item focus. Players like items, they make the game more interesting and forgiving. Items will have to figure into the equation. Also theres no palatable way to nerf ships (ala the bugship), and those are items, so unbalanced items will have to stay.

But, some of it can be dealt with by capping modifiers. Lets say, max turn rate modifier for escorts is N--if the bugship is below the cap at normal power then it will still turn better normally, but when it tries to juice up the speed it will hit the cap, or maybe some other ship can hit the same cap by maxing speed and hitting a deuterium burn. So the ship would have value as an item but it would not be completely out of whack across the board like now.

Mod caps do a couple more useful things. For one thing they make it possible to balance around known ranges, which we dont have now. It also provides an opening for a deliberate crafting system.

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