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04-24-2013, 09:33 PM
I agree with many peoples posts.
First of all the game is not very trekey to begin with. While trek focuses on building characters and on diplomacy this is more of a 'shoot um up' game
That said, I am in favor of expanding combat to 3d. if its supposed to take place in space then why shouldn't your ship be able to fly vertically?
The ground graphics of sto are quite good in my opinion but the graphics in space leave something to be desired. If I knock a ships shields out and fire my phasers I expect it should leave jagged path of scorched armor or even cut into the enemy ship a bit. If my torpedo hits a ship on a pylon while their shields down I expect the pylon to take massive damage or even break off. If an attack busts through any enemy's shields and armor I want the outside of the ship singed of and to be able to see the deck 'skeleton' of the ship. Also, if you take damage, you ship should show that exterior damage until you respawn. No phaser marks just fading away like someone is out on your hull with a bucket of paint.
Someone mentioned being able to pilot the ship from the bridge. I agree that that would be a good option to have but that would raise the question of how to display enemy ships. in relation to you on the view screen. My solution would be to have the normal 'behind ship' view displayed on the bridge's view screen. You would view the battle normally but with the added realisticness. of a bridge's surroundings.
There have also been a few posts advocating to more randomness in the game with enemies you might not anticipate popping up as you fly through space. I agree though it is helpful and nice to know what is coming random enemies seems more of a challenge and more realistic.
I do agree with having regenerative shields but hull damage should, in my opinion be almost impossible to heal. what are the engineering teams you send out going to do? Replace 10% of your damaged 30ft square hull plates in a matter of seconds?
Also please do away with sector space. the transition from warp to impulse in my opinion should be seamless.
That's all I have, sack