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Originally Posted by harryhausen View Post
Close, but in reality, First Contact never happened, because Picard never left the Nexus in Generations. It was clearly established that once you were in there, you couldn't leave. So him popping out with Kirk and saving the Enterprise was just a fantasy created within the Nexus. Then, since the Borg programming was still left in the back of his brain from Best of Borth Worlds, he had another fantasy hallucination in which he dealt with it while also working through his anger and pain at what was done to him while he was Locutus. Etc.

So, essentially, Enterprise was an extended part of Picard's imagination, imagining what the birth of the Federation must have been like. That's why it made no sense with previously established continuity, but meshed fine with his (TNG) era.
But - by that logic - DS9 Seasons 4-7 don't exist either because Worf clearly references 'Generations' when he first appears on that show. (VOY is gone too, but IMO that's not much of a loss )
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