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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
This isn't the case on tribble, and Aux to batts already shares CD with Aux to Damps and Aux to SIF. (And if you run 2x Aux to Damps you can't realistically use either of these at all)

It also means you have by and large, really poor healing for yourself.

It can be very powerful, but it's definitely not without its downsides.
Indeed. I vaguely remember before I switched to a A2B build, it used to be that it shared a CD with EPtS and EPtW. I don't remember what the shared CD was, but it was enough for me to determine that at the time, A2B wasn't viable in my build (at the time).

However currently, A2B only shares cooldown with Aux2SIF and Aux2Damp. If they change it back to it's original state, it would be devastating to both my Assault Cruiser Refit and JHEC. Not only that, but people have invested EC in the millions just to make the A2B build effective (3 rare/very rare Technicians).

Amongst the 3 departments, Engi boff abilities trip over each other the most. Tact. Boffs could stack torpedo buffs on top of beam buffs and maneuver buffs effortlessly. Almost all Sci abilities operate side by side. But when you use Engi skills, all EPtX abilties trip over each other and Aux abilities trip over each other.

If EPtX and Aux abilities all trip over each other, everyone in a cruiser would have to resort back to double-double stacking abilities (already ineffective by itself now) and other ways to survive a tacscort alpha strike - thus effectively screwing over all cruisers.

Aceton Beams have too long of a CD to be effective and is only single target, 130 degree arc (90 on holodeck). Warp Plasma is no good, as it is hard to land. Even if it does hit, everyone trolls all over it with APO and/or HE. Boarding Parties are too slow and are easily removed by Tac. Team...not to mention a 1:30 base CD (so a shut-down cruiser is not effective either). RSP is an "oh sh*t" ability that only works every 2:45. DEM doesn't help survivability. Engi team has no synergy in the place of the double tact team builds.

Bottom line: All tanking cruisers are getting nerfed with no way to compensate, should the Aux2Bat nerf come to pass.


Okay. Fine. Let's think outside the box. If we can't hull/shield tank with a cruiser, can we make it a DPS/speed tanking cruiser like an escort? Let's take 2 copies of EPtW and a copy of APB. Because EPtW will interfere with all other EPtX abilities, we can't use EPtEngines to do damage and run around at the same time. So our other option is Aux2Damp. However, it would share a 10 second CD with other copies of Aux2X. So we have speed and damage...and some healing if we throw in Aux2SIF. So far so good. However, our tanking would truly suffer since we can no longer rely on EPtS. HE and TSS would have to suffice for this build (and Tact. Team).

However, is this build effective? Cruisers don't exactly have the same defense rating as an escort, nor the means to do as much damage. Without EPtS, I'm feeling a bit naked here...

Okay. So let's say I'm uncomfortable with the idea of a speedy DPS cruiser. Is it possible to build a sheer crowd control cruiser? As the saying goes: "If I can't have [speed, DPS, etc.], they can't have it either!"

Let me just say right now that I have indeed tried out this build before. A cruiser dedicated to double Warp Plasma and tractor beaming in between. It was amazing because during the initial tests, it caught my fleetmates by utter surprise. Their escorts were completely immobilized by the warp plasma over and over again. A tractor beam in between the warp plasma gave me the opportunity to chain these abilities together to devastating effect.

However, like all good things, it didn't last. Soon, the escorts fell in line with abilities such as APO and HE. Some even gravitated towards Polarize Hulls...all of which made them immune to movement control effects...following which (luckily), I only had my tanking abilities to fall back to. Other than that, there was no way I could kill them.

I suppose the second bottom line is that: we're all complaining about these Engi Boff changes because the ships that use Engi boffs (namely cruisers) have nothing to fall back on after tanking. Optimizing weapons sacrifices too much survivability and crowd control for powers nowhere near escort levels. Optimizing movement crowd control sacrifices damage, speed, and now, tanking as well, for some holds once in a blue moon. Not worth it imo.

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