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04-25-2013, 12:00 AM
With my klingon toon on a Kar'fi Mk XII KHG

Cure Space Elite.

I said Qa'pla

Everyone said: Hi, heyo.

One said MRRML.

Everyone answered: "k"

One said: I take left.

Another one said: I protect the kang.

We went to the middle cube. Kill all nanites.

We went to the right. Kill all nanite. 2 killed the cube Last one helpt to protect the Kang

We went to the middle cube. 2 killed the cube. Last one give hand to the left.

All killed nanites and cube on the left.

We were happy. And we lost opts. Why? Because we forgot to hail Kang

But it wasn't important. We manged this eSTF really well and we were good team.