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so the ent-e comes through the same time portal to earths past and encounters the borg trying to stop earth getting into space realizing the resistance they pose is greater then the borg queen ever knew. it failed with a quantum torpedo spread. the remains of the sphere come crashing down to earth in the arctic along with 1+ drones that survived the crash. it set in events when in typical borg fashion they protect what is theirs from tampering, an exploration crew is turned into borg along with their civilian transport. the borg were given time to construct a message and send it out which phlox detects being partially assimilated. the borg are destroyed by enterprise.

over 110 years later a borg cube was sent out to investigate when the message was received. by now humans are in space with kirk and they ran across trelane (more then likely to be the first Q contact), it likely set in motion the Q contact sooner.

As a sincere gesture during the farpoint mission with the ent-d almost a further hundred years later, Q wants humans to return home probably all too aware of the trouble they face. picard arrogantly presumes he is ready a year later, and then discovers starfleet is not prepared for the borg in any shape or form, which were already on their way to earth.

from this point it continues back upto first contact where the ent-e is sent back through time to stop the borg through their portal.

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Close, but in reality, First Contact never happened, because Picard never left the Nexus in Generations. It was clearly established that once you were in there, you couldn't leave. So him popping out with Kirk and saving the Enterprise was just a fantasy created within the Nexus. Then, since the Borg programming was still left in the back of his brain from Best of Borth Worlds, he had another fantasy hallucination in which he dealt with it while also working through his anger and pain at what was done to him while he was Locutus. Etc.

So, essentially, Enterprise was an extended part of Picard's imagination, imagining what the birth of the Federation must have been like. That's why it made no sense with previously established continuity, but meshed fine with his (TNG) era.
so the Voyager was apart of Reg Barclay's imagination in this nexus?

so Voyager doesnt exist, the dominion never came through the wormhole, the borg were never threatened by humanity and bajor was an unknown, the trip to the past to stop the borg never happened so earth never made it into space...

you are trying to tell me that was never canon? then you may as well tell the boys and girls at cryptic that star trek online should not exist either, must still be in Picard's mind.
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