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04-24-2013, 11:20 PM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
I think the "nerf" is that Tholian T4 powers give you bonuses from aux power. It' like extra tac console,maybe two if you have high aux. So A2B user won't benefit from that.

And indeed, original A2B shared cooldown with Emergency powers, because they all were "battery subsystem". But now it does share cooldown with auxiliary powers.
It really depends on how they implement the T4 powers. If it takes an instance of the Aux power levels and uses that for the duration of the skill, then A2B users would have no problem bumping up their Aux powers for that moment to utilize that power and then drain it all down when it's done. (Hazard emitters are a good example of this)

If they're powers that persistently check back at the Aux power rating to reflect benefits, then A2B users will have trouble utilizing the benefits (TSS is a good example of this).

Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
I use aux to bat and tech doffs... still I have to honestly say there sort of bs.

Tech doffs should probaly give about half what they do if they give anything frankly.

If things like DEM is terrible because it has a overly long cool down for the only so so dmg it provides... perhaps its time to give it a 15s up time and 45s cool down or some such similer thing... of course then you have to remove or nerf the also broken francis doff.

In any event... it does really suck imo that Cryptics balance for cruisers involves doffs.
Well, I can't say my build isn't exactly...broken or anything. I mean...every skill I have is as if I have 2 copies of them. I mean like...I have 1 minute CD on RSP...30 second CD on EPtS3...15s on TT. Haz emits every 20s? Maybe I'll throw in a APO every 30 seconds just for kicks.