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04-25-2013, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
As for this possible rumor, I hope not. My D'kora has never been effective than it has since I switched to that build.
Mine has been effective before. To be serious, with aux to bat I feel a bit like cheating (at least in PvE, never tried it in PvP). Its insane what I can do with the D'kora. I even outdamage my beloved Guramba sometimes with spamming that DEM3, cycling EptW, Omega and CRF1. Additional I have a lot more resistance due to being able using RSP and Hazard Emitters more often. Rest of healing comes from the Borg set. I could even tank Donatra until she died before the cloaking buff.

At the moment I see not point in flying escorts as long as I have a D'kora. The damage with the build above is in range of top tier escorts, just the turning is sometimes a problem. But as I heard from tribble, they buff rcs consoles...

Of course D'kora and JHEC are special cruiser, but they are showing how imbalanced cruisers can become with aux to bat.