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04-24-2013, 11:26 PM
Originally Posted by sgtstarfall View Post
It really depends on how they implement the T4 powers. If it takes an instance of the Aux power levels and uses that for the duration of the skill, then A2B users would have no problem bumping up their Aux powers for that moment to utilize that power and then drain it all down when it's done. (Hazard emitters are a good example of this)

If they're powers that persistently check back at the Aux power rating to reflect benefits, then A2B users will have trouble utilizing the benefits (TSS is a good example of this).
The current version just gives you stat bonus scaled for you aux power. It's passive bonus to weapon training / energy weapon training/ projectile training. So obviously a ship that sits on 5-10 aux whole time won't get much out of it.