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04-25-2013, 03:07 AM
Originally Posted by beameddown View Post
what the dinosaurs back from 1st season gotta get through their heads is..

(god bless you all, you invented all the classic builds and strats)


the game is evolving.

welcome to where team play is king and defense is what matters (not to mention its not always anymore of what $ can buy for your build will mean "auto win" but what your build is)

GONE are the days of 1 build to rule them all!!!

(love this by the way, about time we get closer to rock, paper, scissors)

TIRED I am of seeing the same boff powers poped in the same order on the same silly cookie cutter ships

It's TIME for a reset-

Things to think about:

How can I catch a ship that DECLOAKS and alpha's me? (not to mention, live to get him)

HOw can I FIND a ship that is cloaked? (sorry folks, all the complaining about klinks and their cloaks will be a thing of the past with the romulans coming into the factor for fed)

How do I bridge the gap between EPTS?!? (yup, we all get a bit weaker after it goes live, you all complained about sheild tanking being OP, well- this is Cryptic's FIX so deal)

How do I DEAL with shield DRAIN!! (ya, face it folks, going to be some serious dps and shield drain in the coming months, so when you get the respec, might want to look into what skills do what)

How to deal with all this SCIENCE!! (face it, wider arcs and PLENTY of ships boff layouts to take advantage of it will just be a simple difference of those that know what skills/consoles to slot to min/max it VS those that just sloted a boff for sh!ts and giggles)


OMG why cant I HIT anything!?! (yup thats right, tac's going to have a trait that de-buffs your acc------ so ya, get use to being focused fired on and not being able to fire back for love or money)

some major love i see coming out for sci,

some great options for tac,

and eng being the wild card with the new trait either making a HUGE dif in pvp (as in the cooldown going way after a spike for miracle worker) or meaning nothing in pvp ---

side note: GOD I hope this new trait for eng is a game changer, eng has being needing LOVE for SOOOOO long its not even funny, (I run 5, ya thats FIVE tac captains on fed and klink, 1 sci and my first character.... an engineer.)

I love the IDEA of an engineer! (who doesnt love scotty or geordi! hell, even obrian or tuker.. comon! they keep the ship together!, its time the engineers come back with a vengence to pvp BESIDES JUST heal boats!!)
Very few people have anything against an evolving game, pandas in general (Just sayin) we love new stuff being brought in game. It makes stuff more complex, new builds to work on. If we were still stuck in Season 1-2 the game would be boring as hell after 3 years.

What we are against is that every time something new is added to the game it widens the gap between PvP newcomers and oldskool players by an average of a month, or a few hundred bucks.

Keep it up and at some point we wont see any new player get into PvP anymore even if they are willing to, and we get into the negative numbers, what gives?