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# 59 Rebuilding Update
04-25-2013, 06:04 AM
Caspian Rising and its sister Klingon Fleet Caspian Honour Guard have passed the Tier 2 and Tier 1 milestones respectfully and it is the result of the kindness and heartfelt support of the Star Trek Online Community.

We have of course hit that 2 day construction windows on most of the projects. The Embassy projects taking 4 days a piece is a bummer; but that we are dealing with the local Romulan Unions, it is best we can do at the moment.

I can say that Cryptic has plans in the works to prevent another Caspian from ever taking place, so those in the leadership positions of the fleets pay close attention to the changes that are coming. (Captain Gecko is one of the folks working on the prickly issue.)

We have created an ambassador fleet section on our website, at for those with fleets who want to assist or do missions with our respective fleets.

You can also contact us in game at:
@David_T_Bradford - Our Fleet Ambassador

It is still overwhelming for us to have the help we have received and I think it is in large part to the spirit of the members of Caspian Division as a whole. Sure the wanker destroyed our virtual bases and embassies; but they could not destroy us as a whole. The Star Trek Online Community and even Cryptic taking note of our predicament, we refused to sit idly by ranting. We took action, rolling up the virtual sleeves and diving right back in. Why? Because the friendships even separated by thousands of miles, we remained in touch.

What were the crucial lessons learned so far?

1. Removing inactive members from leadership positions and if accounts are known to be inactive, remove completely from the fleet. They can be reinvited later when they return.

One thing that was discovered was an individual claiming to be a former leader and member was angered they were removed. Their childish behavior resulted in the loss of our fleets. They managed to hack a inactive leader account and destroyed the fleets.

2. We did not have one person controlling fleet assets such as the website, Twitter feed and Facebook Page nor was the Ventrilo under the control of a single individual.

Communications played a crucial role in establishing and rebuilding the fleets. With the website unharmed (though we did detect an apparent attack) it stayed up and running. The Twitter feed and Facebook played crucial parts in getting the core people alerted of the problem and getting the rebuilding going.

3. Transparency. Do not be dorks like the boneheads in Washington D.C. or <insert name of your local government here> by trying to hide stuff or deflecting the issues.

I had realized from the start we needed to be open with everyone. Discover and report what we had left, where we had started and what was being communicated to Cryptic and Perfect World. Keep your fleet members informed of activities involving fleet assets which involve both EC and materials and in our case expenditures from our Paypal account. People who donate to the fleet with real money deserve a true accounting.

There can be no halfway, you have to give full exposure to what you as Leaders are doing.

4. Leadership. It was realized there were too many fingers in the jar, and with a vote taken via our Ventrilo; a core group of leaders were elected to start guiding our members from the blackness back to the light of the day.

5. Ambassadors. Everyone in a fleet is an ambassador, but it is a given there is a need to have a Fleet Ambassador to coordinate communications with other fleets and to receive their communiques in return.

Both our Website and Ventrilo serve as crucial communication portals along with the ingame chat system and email system. The fleets that have already reached out to us, we have established channels in the Ventrilo Server for their use and on our website we can exchange emails and forum posts outside the vagaries of Star Trek Online restrictions when it comes to using the Fleet Email system; as Fleet Leader I can send an immediate email to the registered users as well as the registered Fleet Ambassadors of fellow STO fleets.

6. Keep the spirit alive! For many who helped build Caspian Division the first time around, it was depressing and yes we had some experiencing real life depression. Be prepared for some to leave the game. We had some considering that, but we talked things out. Having the Ventrilo helped, as you could hear the person and their inflections of their voices instead of just seeing words on the screen.

We lost EVERYTHING! Period. All the special projects that had been completed, and yes even our 2012 Christmas Ornament. I loved turning it on just to see it spin around from the dance floor. People put their hearts into a virtual world only to see it wiped out. Having a game come to the end of its run for example is one thing, but to have what you and others worked for snatched away and destroyed in a cowardly and selfish manner was an entirely different matter.

We have worked hard keeping the spirit alive, and those who have joined us in rebuilding have seen that; and we are eternally grateful.

Again thank you all for the support you have shown and we will continue our updates as we reach the various Tiers; and when we hit Tier Five there will be a celebration the likes STO have never seen.