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04-25-2013, 06:23 AM
Making sweeping changes to fix PvP but breaking PvE is a battle you guys are going to lose pretty hard, I'd suggest something that keeps PvE intact but starts to repair PvP.

TT can't be removed because of the severity of single shots in elite STFs, manual distribution is so slow its impossible to recover in time.

Nerfing resists will make every escort get one shotted again and even some more offensive cruisers.

It wouldn't be that difficult to remove the low quantity of extremely large hits and replace them with similar effective DPS with large quantities of smaller damage for the few PvEs that offer any challenge, but we see it takes them 4 months to adjust torpedo damage values. The first step is to make elite STFs more similar to PvP and not be completely opposite, only then can you hope to get any balance and issues fixed.
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