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Originally Posted by davidtbradford View Post
I will echo what Baller has said as I am the Fleet Ambassador for Caspian Rising and Caspian Honor Guard. The Star Trek Online community has been extraordinary.

We have ran events and STFs with many other fleets to help us work back to where we were. I know that our fleet has grown in their resolve to work together and we are generating additional members as well as stronger alliances in the STO community.

We have created fleet embassies in our Vent server so you may join us and talk with us. Please feel free to contact any one of our fleet leaders or me to gain access.

Again from the fleets of Caspian Rising and Caspian Honour Guard, thank you all for your support and if you are in need at anytime please be sure to contact us. We will respond.

I want to throw an acknowledgement in this forum for all the Fleets that have either offered their support, joined us on Vent, or enjoyed events/STFs/etc.

I?m positive I?ve missed someone (totally unintentional):
The Ferasan Shadow Force
Ausmonauts - @nagrom7
Elite Defense Starfleet
The Imperial Romulan Strike Force -@Ael
Alliance Central Command
Knights Templar Fleet
Knights of Sto'vo'kor
12th Fleet
The Armada
88th Fleet
44th Fleet - @latinumbar
Earth Federation Space Force (EFSF)
Archimedes Task Force and House of Turbulence
Jupiter Force
Lag Fleet @Aquitaine985

Thank You So Much for who you are

It's so good to see so much of the community come together supporting each other \\//_
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