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04-25-2013, 08:55 AM
My argument on this has always been:

The Mac userbase is probably small, 10-15% of personal computer gamers.

However, not having Mac support keeps PC users from playing because they will prefer games they can play with their friends.

Hence, games with a Mac client remove one of the potential caps on their number of Windows users.

By how much may vary but I don't know any game has topped a million players without a Mac client so I think there's a point where it makes sense and am guessing PWE marketing has primary or secondary research backing this up now, hence why Cryptic is now prioritizing it... And it probably helps having more games that could be ported.

The two big hurdles as I understand it are Direct X and that the patcher uses Internet Explorer, which is probably an artifact from when Cryptic was partnered with Microsoft. (I always wondered if that's how Stahl wound up at Cryptic because it would have aligned with when he came over and he was a Microsoft employee prior to working at Cryptic.)

(I also wondered whether Stahl knew the Neverwinter folks because he worked for WotC, which is a Hasbro company. I know Van Citters -- the CBS rep for Star Trek -- used to work for Jesse Heinig at Decipher and always wondered if he put Heinig in touch with Cryptic. These things tend to be incestuous.)