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Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
Very few people have anything against an evolving game, pandas in general (Just sayin) we love new stuff being brought in game. It makes stuff more complex, new builds to work on. If we were still stuck in Season 1-2 the game would be boring as hell after 3 years.

What we are against is that every time something new is added to the game it widens the gap between PvP newcomers and oldskool players by an average of a month, or a few hundred bucks.

Keep it up and at some point we wont see any new player get into PvP anymore even if they are willing to, and we get into the negative numbers, what gives?
Not to mention it sours the pvp play for some of us old tmer enthuisists whom get tored of constantly having to chase the next seemingly required options to remain on par.
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