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04-25-2013, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Yes that is one point (and a very good one)... and the other way it sours us... is by drying up the pvp pool.

New players almost lay down half the time... when there is new players around.

Right now the community has built some good will with things like the boot camp and I do see lots of new faces in pvp which is great. The more and more grind that is added for people to do before they can play with the big boys though... makes building that good will harder and harder.

As it is I am sure the boot camp guys talking to new players say... "well its best to use this or this" and I am sure lots of those new players answer with "ok I'll have to start grinding for that I guess". Right now its not to insane a few weeks of pveing every day and they have what the need... but down the road its going to get out of hand.
I don't understand the complaining about "power creep". Its called advancement. I understand PVP has some issues if you consider that according to the matchmaker a 50 is a 50. But that is a matchmaker problem. I think they should take a bunch of the pvp players and bootcamp users and make a great big pvp roundtable to plan for a pvp season update with more maps, matchmaking, etc.

I think the game will dry up if they don't keep giving us ways to get stronger as characters. So the options are raising the level cap or adding more stuff like this.

Also, those who complain about what you have to do for reputation, don't make me laugh. This game is so casual its not even funny. You need to participate in 15 - 30 minute events about 30 times (with 20 hours in between) to complete a reputation system.

Take a look at a more "serious business" MMO (and not like WoW, I mean one of the ones not created in North America, like Final Fantasy XI) and see what you need to do to get the top end gear. There are items in that game that require -years- of weekly 2-3 hour events to earn. And that earns ONE item for ONE person out of the 18 people required to do it. And while this is a ludicrous example (but absolutely true, and I've seen people with three of those items btw)