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04-25-2013, 10:52 AM
For a "casual" games it is one of the more grindy games I have played... and I am even including eve in that. lol

This game is unique in what they can do in terms of new things to keep people happy.

Its trek... as such all they have to do is keep releasing new ships to keep people happy. They don't have to be any better just new. Being a game with a strong already built IP its not hard to keep us happy by throwing us bones like Jem ships / wells classes / tholian ships / romulan ships / andorian / klingon / gorn / naus / orion / kat folk / vulcan / telerite / Hirogen / Husnock / Suliban / Talaxian / Vidiian / Fek'Ihri / Cardassian / Breen / Iconian / Remen.... and ton of others.

They can give us things like the dual proc weapons.

What they don't have to do is keep adding passive boosts through rep grinds.

Your right it doesn't take to long to grind one rep... really.

However at this point we have 2 and shortly 3... and shortly after that 4... Down the road your right they can raise the cap or add more rep. Which do you honestly think they are going to do ?

At some point a new player is going to have 20 hours of game play x 5 or 6 or perhaps even 7 before they have everything... and likely they will have to have at least half of that to be even remotely competitive. At that point PvP is as good as dead.
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