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I searched for 8 pages of bug report posts and did not see my old mail fail thread, so I guess that I have to begin a new one.

Previous, once this new UI and new mail system started for Tribble, I discovered that I could not send mail on Tribble only. Items I try to send were not taken out of my inventory. The mail would act just as if when I pressed the SEND button, I had instead pressed the CLEAR button. Then I discovered that all of the items on Tribble that I had stored in old mails had vanished. : (

On 04/19/13, shortly after logging in, There was suddenly a flood of Exchange returns from Exchange@Exchange (I believe) that seemed to be returning my items to me that were stored in Tribble mails (there's a lot of them). While it is great to have the things back, they are all out of order and I was previously using the subject line to describe what the contents of my 'storage mails' was. No luck anymore. Now they are all 'Lot #240999' and stuff like that, in random orders.

I could live with that. Just means that the next two or three months, I would be sorting them all out.


I *STILL* can't send mail to myself or anyone else, whether there are items attached or not. That means that I can't re-store items in an organized way back into mail. I have to leave everything in that big jumble since I can't put it back in there.

Worse, now it seems that others can't send me mail, either. When they try, it fails the same way. Go ahead and try it on Tribble: @alkelda

This is going to totally suck when it goes live if I still have the same issue with mail.

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