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Not true. A Romulan has access to any of their allied faction's T5 ships that are account unlocks. If you're a fed-rom and you have the Odyssey or Armitage, you'll be able to use them. Though why you'd want to when you have access to the sexy D'deridex is beyond me.
Incorrect. From the Dev Blog that discusses Romulan ship progression:

Allied Ships (Updated!)

When a Romulan Captain chooses to ally with the Federation or the Klingon Defense Force, they gain access to a limited number of their ally?s ships. Romulan Captains can obtain Tier 1 through Tier 4 allied ships for Dilithium or in the C-Store, depending on the specific ship. Romulan Captains cannot command, nor purchase/ claim, Tier 5 (Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Brigadier General, or Lieutenant General) ships from the faction that they have allied with.
(Emphasis in original)
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Has there been any info on Veteran ships and new romulan characters?
There will not be a Romulan Veteran ship, flagship, or Scimitar at launch, but they're on the list of post-launch Romulan items.