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04-25-2013, 11:01 AM
I've never read those books - as someone whose first Trek novel was the Pandora Principle, I find the idea of a wedding between Spock and Saavik to be really gross. He is her teacher and her father figure, he should not be a romantic partner even in the Vulcan sense. I've always been troubled at how her sexuality has been used in the extended universe, too - first she sleeps with David! Then she helps Spock through pon farr! Then she has his baby! (if you look at the original script for STIV, yeah, they were Going There). This young woman should be given something to do in the story other than be paired off with dudes.

But that's for another thread - watch this one for Stranded in Space/Diplomatic Orders, where the Robert April's return home after their interrupted refit at the Vega Colony continues to run into obstacles...