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(I tried to find this suggesting in previous postings but didn't see anything...)

I'd like to have Active Space DOffs assigned PER SHIP so that my escort has the Energy Weapon DOffs that specialize on cannons be automatically slotted as Active Space DOffs and when I switch to my cruiser I get the beam weapon DOffs automatically slotted as I previously assigned them.

This has to be an EASY programming task that really needs to be done. It's just a matter of having a small database table for each ship, (in addition to the device, console and weapon slots that already exist) that gets saved and automatically switched when you switch ships.

Another example is the Astrometrics DOff, I usually only use this DOff on one of my ships that I run the Tour the Galaxy in, otherwise I need that slot of Shield Distribution of something else. For the time being, ALWAYS have to remember to assign that DOff each time I make the Tour on THAT ship.

Simple as that!

This would save ALL players a lot of headaches.

Devs... Please add this one in!

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