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Originally Posted by bucklerpw View Post
I'd like a BFG ship with a LOT of firepower. BFG -> Big Ferengi Gun :D
Aww... I was hoping you meant Battlefleet Gothic. Lord knows I wouldn't say no to a Falchion Frigate. :P

A bit less jokingly, I've had the idea floating around in my head for a while now for a Gorn stealth support cruiser based around a constantly active, but variable strength Mask Energy Signature effect (strongest when idle, weaker when throwing BOff powers and projectiles, and weakest-- but not off-- when firing energy weapons or being shot at).
It would be pretty easy to turn it into a bundle breaking it into a science-weighted Stealth Support Cruiser, an engineering-weighted Stealth Superiority Cruiser, and a tactical-weighted Stealth Artillery Support Cruiser.
... and possibly make the ship line unlock small-scale Isolytic Burst beams from the Dilithium Store, just to pound a final nail into the Khitomer accords.

A Lethean interceptor would be pretty epic, but since I don't the cannon has ever shown a Lethean ship (I could be wrong there), it should probably be a very small ship with some form of non-conventional stealth technology.

I personally would rather not see a Ferasan re-skin of the Armitage, just because it seems every KDF ship that's been introduced after the B'rel Retrofit has been some flavor of "take X Federation ship, and make it Klingon-y." Not that there's anything intrinsically wrong with that if you make enough changes between the two, but it's not a trend I'd like to see get over-used is all.
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