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04-25-2013, 01:38 PM
Commander Johnathan Taylor
Current assignment: Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Reconnaissance

I had always loved to tinker with things. My parents would be at me constantly for fiddling with things around the house. It drove Ma crazy. I remember Pa one day saying to me that I'd be great engineer if I put my mind to it.
My family had no history of working for Starfleet, in fact my Pa worked in an office and Ma was a baker. She loves making cakes and anything with pastry and she had her own little shop down Parch Way. She made the things herself, by hand, unheard of in this age, but she was amazing at it. Made fresh stuff to sell every morning, and whatever she didn't, she brought home in the evening. We always had sweet deserts at our house!
I never knew how much I'd missed until I joined the academy. Hearing tales of explores on starships, tales as old as those told about Archer and the old NX, when i was very young had drawn my attention to Starfleet.. I remember when I was growing up, dreaming one day I'd be on a ship, exploring space.
Only one of the things I had to learn was about the ins and outs of ship design. I was daunted at first. Looking at my timetable, I was utterly gobsmacked, but once I began, I didn't dare stop. I was learning too much to want to. There is so much so many people don't know. I didn't know why when I was younger, but engineers have almost as close a relationship with the ship as the Captain.
I know more than the designers about the Reconnaissance, about how to adjust certain things so we'll get just that bit more power for our engines or weapons when we need it, for example, not that I'll tell you how mind.
And she's a ship built for engineers. Captain Ashfield, when she's not busy doing all the other things she has to, will often come and give me a hand. She's an engineer inside too. I know if she hadn't been the right stuff to make a Captain, she would have made one hell of an engineer.
The Reconnaissance can take quite a beating, but she's not made specifically for fighting. If I could get my hands on the right gear, and fix up the Captain's other little beauty... the NX - 92002, the U.S.S. Estonia, we'd be hard to take out. But at the moment it's not possible.
It'll have to be a dream the Captain and I share until we can make it a reality.
The crew and I have too many battles to fight in this great ship yet, and I plan to keep her running as long as I can.