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Originally Posted by theodrim View Post
Hey, if you want to willfully act against your own self-interest in the name of complaining about a lack of "common sense", and unwillingness to learn to be a better player, I'm not going to waste my time trying to stop you.
Like I have been saying I am not a teacher and I won't teach common sense. If someone has no common sense to follow the group I predict a painful process for me to try to teach it to them. I wont go through that process in the middle of a game and leave the rest of the team fighting the Borg.

All I hope is that the person learns from their frustration and stops entering elite missions they have no clue about. Usually such people don't enter the same mission again until they have some clue of what to do so that lesson has been working real good in the past until that one time.

Their has been times in some mission people do stupid stuff like destroy a Cube early in The Cure Found (Elite) after people have told them don't destroy it yet. I see a lot of other people ignore what people say in missions. In Khitomer in Stasis mission their is a trick to lure Borg to the starting room allowing you to kill them before the optional counter starts and someone says wait I will lure the Borg to us and guess what happens 90% of the time? Someone ignores what is said and runs to the Borg starting the countdown.

Their are a lot of reason I don't try to teach people in elite missions.