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04-25-2013, 03:17 PM
I also liked this part of the storyline, the borg cube was awesome, and well, everything was cool.
So I'll just point out the bugs and problem I've met.
During the first missions we are undercover. It's fine people like Janek think you can betray D'Tan, but Sela ? When you meet her in the end of Cloak and Dagger, you say "I'm Tal Shiar", and she is ok with that, and grant you a new title. I though my cover was destroyed, after all, Sela probably know who you are, and how unlikely you are to betray D'Tan. But no, she is fine with that.

During Mind Game, our "inner voice" seems to be Tovan Khev. But why not us ? It would have been more logical to have your own thoughs instead of Tovan. For a while I though it was some kind of dream, and Tovan trying to reach me.
Also, during mind game, you are asked to find various items in the sickbay, laboratory..., however, it's not shown on the map where is the sickbay etc... You may want to add some indication. It's a small ship we can find it, it's not a problem, but it could help.