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# 272 From the Ashes Arc
04-25-2013, 02:29 PM

1.The artwork is very nice!
2. The shooting gallery was a fun little extra.
3. Cut scenes are very pretty but hard to read. The voice overs will fix this I'm sure.
4. I'm a TOS ship fan, so thank you very much for the cool reveal cut scene with the warbird!


1. Got the same weird zoom in then out when entering all the space maps.

Turning Point:

1. I'm really liking the new door animations for Klingons and Romulans!

Overall the first arc flows very nicely and I enjoy picking up bridge officers that you care a little about. The big decision over allies seems to be one sided. The Klingons are jerks, but they always are so you expect it. I felt that the Federation was worse than the Klingons in the mission. I made two toons so I could go Fed with one and Klingon with the other just to see the difference, but if I only had one toon I'd go with the Klingons after talking to both sides.

Thanks for letting try out the cool new stuff!
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