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04-25-2013, 02:50 PM
Here's my feedback for the tutorial through Neutral No More:

As other people have said, some of the starting cutscenes are too fast for the text. This is well known.

I feel that the choice to skip to the next part of the tutorial after the first day isn't clear enough. It should be made more clear that you're leaving, maybe with a confirmation like (are you sure you want to move to the next part of the story?).

The time you spend on the first day doesn't do enough to make you feel like part of the town, I thought. It was mostly just you running errands. While I understand that makes sense for the tutorial I think for the story it could be made to make you feel more like part of the community. Maybe you could have one or two more NPCs come say Hi and talk to you or something. Perhaps have an NPC come up to you "Hey <player>, here's that bottle of Romulan Ale I borrowed from you last week. My wife loved it and it was a perfect touch to our anniversary." <player receives a bottle of romulan ale>

Just little things to add to the atmosphere. It feels too much (at this point) like you're dropped in and just starting to get to know things when it all gets taken away.

Also I felt the story was a bit too "convenient" in places. Like oh surprise the Tal Shiar is here and then oh conveniently the Romulan Republic forces show up out of nowhere. Maybe during the attack you could have the player activate a distress call? Then the RR ship could show up and say "Hey <player>, we got your distress call, we'll help you fight the Tal Shiar." At this point they just seem to conveniently show up and then you side with them. It would feel more like they were saving you if you called for help.

When you are on Dewa 3 and scanning things, I think the path to travel in is slightly unclear; it should be made a little more noticeable on the minimap.

Not sure if it's still in the same arc, but during Crateris I attacked and killed the Sloggoth Cruiser that was coming in to take away the Remans. Unfortunately nothing happened because of it. The Sloggoth should be either unkillable or save the Remans if you destroy it before it gets away.

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