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04-25-2013, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
KDF now gets AMS (pure awesome), Nadeon Detonator (pretty good, boff power that doesn't take up a slot), Impulse Burst (good GTFO consoles), Point Defense System (excellent for torp and fighter spam), and Photonic Displacement (super meh).

The only Fed Consoles left are Cloak Seeking Torp, Transwarp Computer, and Tachyon Detection. That is, the 3 crappiest ones.

Fed gets Theta Radiation (meh), Isometric Charge (meh), Subspace Jump (useful, but not great), Graviton Pulse (fairly good), and Bioneural Warhead (pretty good).

I would call that a disparity. KDF gets all of the Feds best consoles, while Fed gets mostly meh consoles.
I play KDF and Fed a lot and only found AMS useful for my KDFs, the others aren't really worth the console slots given we also use leech and aceton alot to. Nadeon I only found useful when it used to create 3 shockwave tricobalt torps, since then it has been nerfed so its not so useful. Impulse burst not so useful since I usually need speed for chasing runaway feds and rarely running from them and might need to turn so thats not an option.
So we only have AMS that really gets used a lot by KDF, and to a much lesser extent point defense.

Theta radiation I see feds spamming all the time in pvp, most of them are happy with it. Isometric charge is excellent for fed sci ships with lots of particle generator skills and consoles allowing them to do a pretty nice alpha. Subspace jump depends on the ship, it works great for the Dreadnought and other slow turning and moving ships which the feds have lots of. Bio-neural, a nice un-nerfed tricobalt torp with point defense, so thats pretty good.

Graviton pulse is one of the best consoles of all, its not just "fairly good" no console almost gurantees a pvp kill as much as that one does, its better then leech or AA, those don't give you kills like this one does. This is worth all the other consoles KDF got from Fed combined so stop complaining and trying to take everything from us.