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Hereby i compile a list of bugs which i have encountered yet:

# The Character login screen always displays the outfit from the FIRST uniform slot the Char has NOT the one he is actually wearing (unless of course that is the first one).

# When changing systems, sector blocks or other maps the bridge officer allocations are reset. (This has been reported by other testers already)

# The BOff designation to department heads works ONLY for KDF respectively Starfleet officers. Even new romulan BOffs cannot be assigned as First Officer or Dept.Head. This needs to change. (This has been reported by other testers already)

# Any attempt to assign Boffs to the away team crashes the game to desktop. This was not the case before the patch of April 22nd. (This has been reported by other testers already)

# The Tailor does not let me give the first 4 officers a proper uniform. This is as fas as i know due to the story relation. A second outfit slot for those chars might be a solution.
Also when i create a new outfit for the main char the appearance of the person is changed without any reason and cannot be changed back to the original. Only the first created uniform keep the correct appearance.
What makes me wonder is the restriction that only my main Char has access to the allied uniforms, the romulan Boffs can only wear the aepublican uniform and the allied Boffs can only choose their uniforms. This means 2-3 different types of uniforms on my bridge...
I would prefer to give the allied uniform option also to the Boffs of both kinds. Or at least to the allied ones.

# The Transporter system has developed issues ever since my Char has chosen to side with the Klingons or the Federation. On the Klingon side in 75% the transporter effect of the complete away team has changed to Klingon red and according sound. Sometimes it is romulan green as is wanted. On the Federation allied char only the Starfleet Boff has a blue Transporter effect and sound while the rest of the team is beaming romulan green.
Imho the effect used by the transporter is based on what technology/ship is used. It should genarally depend on what ship the char has actually chosen. When using a warbird I expect the transporter to be green and not Klingon red. In a Klingon or Federation ship however the different technology should bring another effect.

# Episode "Bigger picture" there is no way to reach the S.S.Daendle. Could not drop and restart only skip the episode and continue with the next one.

# Episode "Neutral no more" the nausicaan pirates where flagged as friendly to my klingon-allied Char. THe Federation aligned one could complete the mission.
(This has been reported by other testers already)

# When completing "Neutral no more" there is an XP gap of nearly two levels to the next mission. additionally it was not possible to leave the Tau Dewa Sector except with transwarping to the mission location. I did a replay of episodes to fill the 2 levels and then needed to sell stuff to gather enough EC to jump out of sector. THis was not so before the 04.22.13 patch. My first char could leave the sector unhindered.
(This has been reported by other testers already)

# Epsiode "Grab and smash" when boarding the transports, as soon as i beam over to the second transport ship my char is alone. The rest of the away team appears only after I have myself shot and respawn. Happened twice.

# Episode "Tradecraft" The Azha system cannot be set as a course target on the area map.

# Freighter Sh'mar I can hail them (Char at level 16) and the captain answers but nothing else happens. Not sure whether this is based on my level or not.

I will update this list in time as soon as more bugs appear... thx for reading!