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Originally Posted by spockmuncher View Post
Possibly shaderCache.hogg, taking it's sweet time.

Also to add, same with aegon1ice mentioned, the last 3-4 patches have been like this.
FYI - it appears the files are taking a LONG time to decompress and write out to some players hard drives because here's what I've noticed:

In the <Ctrl>+<X> window:

shaderCache.hogg (or some other large file sits at 100% and you think the launcher is stalled; but it isn't. If you look at the status and it reads 'REQ WRITE' - it means after downloading, it's decompressing/writing the file to your hard drive - and as Cryptic games have expanded; the shaderCache.hogg (and some other files) have gotten to the point where they're actually taking a longer time to write out.

It also seems to tale a while to 'mirror' files too; and for some reason the first time you load a Cryptic MMO client (CO, STO, NW) after a patch the progress bar on the 'CRYPTIC' load screen gets to a certain point; and then takes a LONG time before it starts to progress again.

I have a feeling the first time you load up, the game is re-writing some cache files for whatever reason.

But, yeah, if you have a large file showing 100% downloaded; and the patcher appears stalled, it's because it's taking a long time to decompress/write out that particular file to your hard drive.
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